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The icon will enter the church at 5:30PM and a molieben will be served shortly after.  Plan to arrive early as our church is small and will fill up quickly.  Over 200 faithful were in attendance last year and it anticipated that more will be in attendance this year so plan accordingly!

This icon of the Theotokos (Blessed Mother Mary) holding the infant Jesus, which emits myrrh, has an extraordinary history.

Myrrh is a fragrant gum resin that comes from certain trees in the Mideast.  There seems to be a tradition of icons that begin to miraculously exude this substance, often in the form of teardrops that possess the fragrance of roses.  This icon which will visit St. Nicholas Parish in Olyphant on October 9th is an exact replica of a famous myrrh-streaming icon in Montreal of the Theotokos (Mother of God) of lveron.  It is a paper print mounted on wood, manufactured in Russia and purchased in Toronto by a priest who gave it to a Russian Orthodox believer in Honolulu in 2007.

In October of that year, the owner of the icon, Nectarios, noticed the sweet smell of roses in his study. An investigation caused him to discover this icon was exuding small drops of myrrh, coming from the Virgin's eyes and dripping down the panel.

He took the icon to his parish church in Honolulu where it continued to emit this sweet-smelling substance. This icon has become quite famous in Hawaii, and a large number of visitors from all Christian faiths have come to visit the icon, "feeling the grace of God" in its presence.  Some days the icon is dry and on others it is completely saturated in myrrh; yet, it continuously gives off the scent of roses.

In June of 2008, the Holy Myrrh-Streaming Hawaiian Iveron lcon was "officially recognized by Archbishop Kyrill of the Russian Orthodox Church as miraculous and genuine and given the blessing to travel to churches of Holy Orthodoxy."

Over 200 faithful were in attendance at the services in October 2010 and were anointed with the Holy Myrrh that streams from this icon.


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